9 Steps To Repair The Fiberglass Water Play Toys

1. The damaged place should be polished with 400 # water sandpaper first.

2. Clean up the dust and water on the surface of the product(important), and repair with putty.

3. The ratio of putty to curing agent is 100: 1.5, and it can be used only after stirring evenly.

4. The repair place should be flat with original surface. 


5. After repairing, wait about 1.5 hour for the curing agent to become hard, then use 600 # -800 # sandpaper to polish. 


6. Polished product.

7. Repair material and spray gun.

8. The paint should be the same color as the product, and add thinner and curing agent; ratio: paint 1: thinner 0.5: paint curing agent 0.25.

9. Before painting, please clean up the dust and water on the surface of the product. (The finished paint on the surface of the product should not sag, cover the background color, and be bright).

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