How to repair water slide of aqua park kids playgroud

After the water park has been in operation for a long time, the slides are often damaged and damaged for various reasons, and how to repair it has become a problem for managers. The following are the maintenance steps of HZQ, a manufacturer operating slides for 10+ years:

1. The damaged place should be polished with 400 # water sandpaper to deal with it.

2. Before repairing, remove the dust and water in the repaired area(important). The repairing gel cost color should be same as the slide.

3. Repair gel coat must add curing agent,at the ratio of 100: 1.5, mix evenly.

4. The repair place should be flat with original slide surface. If the broken area is big, can be divided into two repairs.

5. After repairing, wait about 2 hours for the curing agent to becomehard, then use 600 # -800 # -1000 # to 1200 # water sandpaper to polish until it becomes smooth.

6. After smoothing, use No. 3 polishing oil to make it shiny.


7. Already repaired product.

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