Barrel&Sled Slide

Barrel&Sled Slide is a kind of classical double slide combination with the features of low cost, small area, and unique experience. when you goes into the barrel slide, it’s a invisible black hold, but instantly rushed into the pool. sled slide is a open slide, , the riders will be thrown into the air about 3 to 5 meters forward when they slide down and then fell into the pool. these are especially for young people who are pursuing thrill.

  • Material: fiberglass
  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Slide type: body
  • Area: 15m x 6m
  • Platform height: 6m/customized
  • Capacity per hour: 360 riders/h

1. Can you make water park design for me?
A : Yes , we have professional design team to make it for you.
2. How much is it to make a water park design?
A : It is totally free.
3. Do you accept customized design of water slide or water house?
A : Yes . Please don t hesitate to tell us your requirements.
4. How long is the production time?
A : It depends on different products. Generally the production time is within one month
5. Do you products come with warranty?
A : Yes . We supply 1 – year warranty for all of our products.
6. Can you send someone to us for equipment installation?
A : Yes . We have technician team who can go to your site for installation supervision.

1. We will provide best quality products and best price for you.
2. Give you suggestions for equipment selection. Make design for you according to your land information and requests.
3. Send engineers to your site to supervise your workers to install the equipment.
4. Guide your staff to operate the equipment and to manage the water park.

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